Abandonment Series: Russian Porcelain Factories

The movement toward globalization and technological development for the purpose of commercial profit has displaced the human element in the production of objects that are historically and culturally significant and distinctive to individual countries and peoples. This series of bottles is inspired by the beauty and cultural relevance of the Russian porcelain pieces once hand painted in cobalt by local craftsmen. The Abandonment Series pays homage to a lost art and seeks to redefine it for our age by combining modern printmaking techniques and design with traditional handcraft. The porcelain vodka bottles are slip cast and hand finished with cobalt decal application. The geographical coordinates are a timeless way to mark the location of the factories that will soon only exist through memory.

Collaboration with Vlada Dronova

Slip cast porcelain, glaze, and decals
8 x 3 x 1.7 in each